"arguably the defining album of the 90's..."
++ stand out tracks - Loose Fit, Step On, God's Cop, Kinky Afro.

:: Album reviews ::

anyone seriously into their music in the 90's will already have this album in their collection. it personifies the sound of Britain's Madchester scene, exemplifying all the ideals of the era: lots of sleaze, drugs, and sex.

the whole album is a masterpiece - described by Stephen Thomas Erlewine of All Music Guide as: "A swirling, neo-psychedelic kaleidoscope of hallucinogenic drugs, trippy beats, borrowed hooks, and veiled threats, Pills 'n' Thrills & Bellyaches is Happy Mondays' masterpiece and the peak of the entire Madchester craze..."

read more on our pills n thrills reviews page.

:: Happy Mondays biography ::

"Jan 1981: Unemployed best friends Shaun Ryder and Bez start a band in their native Manchester, allegedly to give them something to do besides take drugs. The pair rope in Ryder's brother, Paul, on bass, amateur footballer Gary 'Gaz' WheIan on drums, Paul Davis on keyboards and, finally, guitarist Mark Day, the only member who could actually play an instrument. They call themselves Happy Mondays, although no-one knows why. Inspired by local heroes New Order - if more for their working-class credentials and party mentality than for their music - Ryder appoints himself the band1s leader and lyricist...." read more from our biography section.

:: Lyrics ::

some of these are so amusing it still cracks me up reading them - "Son, I'm 30, I only went with your mother 'cause she's dirty, and I don't have a decent bone in me, what you get is just what you see yeah" - Kinky Afro. "Six cheap people in an empty hotel , every last one with a story to tell, give them all pills, so their heads won't swell" - Donovan. check them all out in our pills n thrills lyrics section

:: Artwork / Pictures / Photos::

This section is made up of a collection gathered over the years. Go here for more artwork and photos

Sean at Glastonbury
Bez being Bez at Glastonbury
Lazyitis album cover

:: Pills n thrills credits ::

Lists the band members and the part they play - pills n thrills credits

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